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WYSIWUG Button Empty
PostSubject: WYSIWUG Button   WYSIWUG Button EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 12:28 am

If you like to use color,sizes,smilies,ect in your post, but when you try to the codes do not place correctly like below

WYSIWUG Button Gtb

We have a fix
(sort of ) teehee

This button fixes it. It is called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)


Before you start click the button. It will turn pinkish in color as above.
Then start selecting what you want to do in your post.

I tend to go bold,center the post,size it,color it and sometimes choose a different font.
WYSIWUG Button 410761 I have found if you go in order that they are placed it helps. WYSIWUG Button 410761

You WON'T see any coding (except a few certain ones such as the size, and spoiler). This is just how it is. It looks weird but works.

This works great until you use a smilie or you use an IMG image code and then it tends to stop it and everything after is back to default.

After you are done making your post hit the WYSIWUG button again. It will make everything as you want.

I preview all my posts to make sure they are correct.

This is still buggy it seems, but it works great for strictly text with no smilies or images.

So now you know what the button is , what it does and if you want to use it.

This all is a known issue and i have no idea if they are working on it , but i sure hope so!

WYSIWUG Button Fresse

WYSIWUG Button HookiesSiggy
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