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 Some Thoughts About Pogo Games

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PostSubject: Some Thoughts About Pogo Games   Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:17 am

Some Thoughts About Pogo Games

coffee coffee coffee

  • Aces Up! - Overly aggressive pilots, savagely attacking harmless playing cards.

  • Ali Baba Slots - Dangerous and scary story, and many sharp objects on the reels!

  • Backgammon - It has a Bar.....enough said.

  • Battle Phlinx - With battle right in the name, how could it not be voilent?

  • BATTLESHIP - Oh, the humanity.

  • Bingo Luau - too many tikis to be a safe environment.

  • Boardwalk Sea Ball - oh my, hitting fun-loving squids with wooden balls for fun?

  • BOGGLE Bash - once again, violent wording right in the title.

  • Canasta - There's something about that guy.......

  • Chess - All about two armies clashing.

  • Crazy Cakes - Now we're just name-calling.

  • Cribbage - Those pegs in the track can't be a good thing.

  • Dominoes - the robot always beats me, so this one's personal.

  • Double Deuce Poker - Pokers are dangerous, and should be kept by the fireplace.

  • Everyone Wins Bingo - Yes, but at what cost?

  • First Class Solitaire - So, Coach passengers can't play too?

  • Flip Words - When you're flip with your words, someone will take it wrong.

  • Flower Daze - We all know what's wrong with this one Dude. :::passes the j

  • Fortune Bingo - The gong can cause hearing loss, if overused.

  • Greenback Bayou - Oh no, scurry flies! Look out froggy!

  • Hangman Hijinks - Previously discussed

  • Harvest Mania - I can't even type the horror.

  • Hearts - nothing worse than when they're broken.

  • Hog Heaven Slots - nothing but pig abuse.

  • Jungle Gin - Jungles are no place for the young to be, let alone with Gin!

  • Lost Temple Poker - Tex in a game? Then it's violent.

  • Mahjong Garden - I need confirmation about where the tiles go when removed.

  • Mini Golf Madness - you could put your mini's eye out with a bad shot.

  • MONOPOLY - Can't we all just share?

  • Panda Pai Gow Poker - the panda abuse is too much for anyone to take.

  • Penguin Blocks - Joe is very brutal to the poor starving Penguins.

  • Phlinx - An entry-level game, leads to Battle Phlinx.

  • Pop Fu - Cactus Needles hurt, and can cause infections.

  • PoppaZoppa - The total destruction of perfectly good buildings.

Poppit! - Spike....enough said.[/list]
  • Puck's Peak - I don't know where he's going, but it must be stopped.

  • Quick Quack - Oh, those poor ducks.

  • Rainy Day Spider Solitaire - Probably a poisonous spider.

  • Risk - War, need i say more?

  • ShuffleBump - Burning and falling pucks, shameful.

  • Stack 'em - Animals pressed into cube shape, not nice.

  • Stellar Sweeper - Explosive Crystals, why not a firm handshake instead?

  • Swashbucks - Cannon blasts, and flying clams.

  • Sweet Tooth - Nothing fun about a root canal.

  • Thousand Island Solitaire - Cannons and sinking boats questionable characters.

  • Tri-Peaks Solitaire - Tex again.

  • TRIVIAL PURSUIT - Some questions relate to violence

  • Tumble Bees - Playing with bees is dangerous, don't do it.

  • Vaults of Atlantis - Why can't Tex be in a nice game? Oh yeah, there aren't any.

  • Word Whomp - Discussed previously, gopher abuse at its worst.

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Some Thoughts About Pogo Games
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